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Tripat Grewal

Operations Director/Owner 

We are pleased to welcome you to our dental laboratory. Hogan Dental Laboratory has been committed to servicing the dental community since the mid 1980’s in all aspects of fixed restorations.



  • Our dentist’s personal preferences are followed in each case

  • Precision fit & marginal accuracy

  • Highly qualified technicians with an average of 20+ years experience

  • Reasonable prices & ongoing promotions

  • We take pride in quality, esthetics & long term functionality

There are multiple quality control checkpoints in the process and all cases go through a comprehensive final quality control check prior to delivery.


We encourage you to refer to our testimonials page to obtain personal experiences and insight from our dentists about who we are and how we can service you and your patients.


We welcome your partnership and invite you to experience all aspects of our quality fixed restorations and our friendly customer service.


Hogan Dental Laboratory

520 N Brookhurst St Suite 120

Anaheim, CA 92081

Phone: 714-842-0466

Fax: 714-589-2566

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