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Zirconia Multi-Layered Full Contour & Zirconia Full Contour

Two Zirconia Options (CAD/CAM):

Zirconia Multi-Layered Full Contour:

Zirconia Multi-Layered Full Contour disc usually consists of a 4 layer structure (based on the brand): Enamel Layer, Transition Layer 1, Transition Layer 2, and Body (Dentine) Layer creating the smooth transition of color gradation.  The results are more translucent than conventional zirconia products and maintains it's original esthetics for years to come. 


Shoulder or heavy chamfer margins are recommended. This is ideal for single crowns (anteriors and posteriors) and up to 3 unit bridges. 

Full contour Zirconia:

Full contour Zirconia is a monolithic stage of crown, bridge, inlay or onlay. 

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