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Miscellaneous Services

Porcelain Labial Margins:

Porcelain margins (ceramic margins) are a popular technique to improve esthetics in the margin area. If the gingiva recedes, use of porcelain margin will eliminate the display of (if any) chalky or metallic appearance at the gingival margin of the restoration. Shoulder margin preparation is required. Right-angled /shoulder prep should be carried facially of the tooth to ensure good porcelain esthetics well into the proximal embrasure area.

Crown Adaptation to Existing Partial:

When a tooth abutting a partial denture requires crowning, the dentist traditionally picks up the prosthesis in a full-arch transfer impression. This allows our technicians to use the clasps as guides when creating the crown contour. If the partial denture is not being sent, then the clasp-tooth relationship can be registered by using the blue mousse super-fast index. This allows our technicians to create an accurate resin template of the clasp, which provides a clasp reproduction. As a result, the patient does not surrender the prosthesis.

Precision Dowel Attachment - male/female (PD attachment):

Precision Dowel attachments are the answer for non-parallel abutments in bridgework because it allows for a draw of a bridge. Pre-made plastic precision male & female dowels are interchangeable.

Extra Coronal Resilient Attachment (ERA attachment):

ERA is the most popular dental attachment (crown/bridge with partial denture) prescribed due to its proven performance and versatility of use. Based on the vertical space of crown and bridge will determine to use ERA RV (Reduced Vertical) or Micro ERA. The female component of ERA is a plastic pattern which is incorporated as part of a crown wax-pattern and cast in hard alloy and is intended to be used to retain a partial denture or overdenture.Partial department adapt partial with ERA with plastic male housing, metal male housing or a clip (these are embedded in acrylic part of partial). ERA is offered by Sterngold Company.

Diagnostic Wax Up:

When cosmetic dentistry is planned, it is often important to do a diagnostic wax-up to help determine the eventual appearance and result after treatment is performed. Impressions are made of the upper and lower arches, and stone models are poured and fabricated. Modifications may be made to the models similar to expected preparation of the actual teeth and then tooth colored wax is placed on the involved stone teeth to create the desired result and determine the necessary steps to achieve it. This allows both the dentist and the patient to evaluate the anticipated final appearance and to determine if it meets their expectations.

Other Services:

Future R.P.D. Rest: Mesial, Distal, Cingulum, Post (Separate, Fixed, Cast), Metal Stop/Island, Metal Occlusal, Metal Lingual, Removable Button.

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